Breastfeeding Support

A lactation consultant, Bev Solow, hosts support groups in our office.  Click here to see the schedule on our calendar, and click here to visit Bev's website for information on setting up a consultation, breastfeeding support groups, and more.  

For a guide to medications while breastfeeding, please visit LactMed


  • Breast milk is what every child should drink. It is a complete balanced diet that is always ready on the go and is also a wonderful way to bond with your new child.

  • Breastfeeding is not always easy, and may be easier/more difficult for some women than others.

  • No two women are built the same, yet we expect the same from our breasts. For example: One breast may give more milk than the other or one nipple may be inverted, making it more difficult to nurse on that side.

  • Most of the pain associated with breastfeeding is preventable. The most common cause of nipple pain is a shallow latch. If breastfeeding is painful, ask for help with the latch. We have a monthly support meeting here at Hudson Heights Pediatrics. Other meetings are listed below, as well as names of lactation consultants. If your nipples are sore, keep them moist by applying lanolin frequently.  Nipple pain should lessen as your baby gets a little older.

  • Shooting pains, discharge that is not milk from the breast is not normal, and may be a sign of infection (mastitis); call your OB/GYN if this occurs.

  • Breastmilk production is based on supply and demand. The more you tell your body to produce, the more it will make. You do this by;

                      1. Nursing frequently or

2. Pumping with a hospital-grade electric pump (does not have to be a dual pump).

  •  If you supplement with formula, your body will make less breast milk. You should pump if you don’t want your milk supply to decrease.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 400IU of vitamin D supplementation daily in exclusively breastfed infants. TriViSol with iron is a brand typically used (though most any brand made domestically will do).

Breast Pumps

NYP rents hospital grade pumps in their gift shop for $75/month

(212) 342-8487

Medela Hotline will tell you where you can find breast pumps near you

(800) 335-9568

Theresa Pharmacy, 66 Nagle Ave


Breastfeeding Support Groups:

Here and other locations! Bev Solow. Schedule varies, check her website:

Hudson Heights Pediatrics

180 Cabrini Blvd NY, NY 10033

Led by Beverly Solow (IBCLC), first Tuesday of the month (9:30 am)

La Leche League Int. (LLLI)


Inwood Public Library

Third Monday of the month

Breastfeeding Cafe at Nagle Y, 54 Nagle Ave, Rm 303

Led by Mara Bragg, CLC, two Thursdays/month

Lactation Consultants:
Anneliese Majsterek at the Newborn Clinic 
622 West 168th Street, Vanderbilt Clinic, 10th Floor
Anne can be reached via email ( or phone (646-317-2463)

Private in-home consultations:

Beverly Solow 212-567-1112

Kate Sharp 212-595-1627

Dr. Mona Gabbay, Breastfeeding Medicine. (Referrals involve special circumstances that go beyond basic needs) 914-632-7999

Margot Mann 718-601-2939

Ann Anderson (in NJ) 201-385-3423

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